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Insurance Information

Dr. Gunton participates with the following insurance plans as a medical specialist. Many of these insurances require a referral from your Primay Care Physician (PCP), pediatrician or family physician in order to see a specialist. The date on the referral must be prior to or the same day as the exam. Failure to have the referral in place will necessitate re-scheduling the appointment, since the insurance companies will not honor post-dated referrals.

Please note that many plans require that a "co-pay" or a "deductible" be paid in addition to the insurance payment. Even after the deductible has been met, some plans have a co-insurance requirement.

If you are not familiar with the requirements of your plan, you can call the number for Member Services listed on the back of your card.
We cannot honor appointments without the required authorizations in place.


(Dr. Gunton participates as "medical specialist" and does not have contracts with Davis Vision, Optichoice or the Clarity Vision Network.)